Burn out with exciting rock music in the Jimi Hendrix slot game

NetEnt added another big name to their 2016 ‘NetEnt Rocks’ gambling series by releasing the online slots game Jimi Hendrix. Find out through the article below!

2016 was the year of Rock n ‘Roll in NetEntertainment, as evidenced by the release of the 2016′ NetEnt Rocks’ series, a massive rock band’s slot game collection. The most prominent in the rock slot game line is the Jimi Hendrix slot game, announced at ICE Totally Gaming 2016. Released in late April 2016. Long known as the greatest guitarist ever to live. Jimi Hendrix’s life stopped at the age of 27. In 1970, after he died, thousands of companies, services, as well as organizations approached the Hendrix family to use the Jimi Hendrix brand. Fortunately for all music fans and slots lovers, NetEnt was able to reach a joint agreement with the Hendrix family to use the musician’s name and image for the latest slots game.

This 20-line 5-reel game clearly has the full range of NetEnt resources behind it. Like the Guns N ‘Roses slot game, the first in the series launched by NetEnt, Jimi Hendrix has a fantastic roster that includes the biggest hits by artists like Crosstown Traffic and Little Wing.

Burn out with exciting rock music in the Jimi Hendrix slot game - Burn out with exciting rock music in the Jimi Hendrix slot game

To ensure the graphics used throughout the game have an authentic Jimi Hendrix look, NetEnt implemented a system capable of displaying hundreds of facial expressions. This implementation allows NetEnt to create an animated 3D slot game with loads of Jimi animations in the game.

This game title offers two special features in addition to the typical symbols and bonuses familiar with most gambling games. The Red Guitar feature activates when a red patterned guitar icon appears, then each red guitar symbol remains in place while scrolling. This continues until all red guitars disappear from the screen, meaning winning games will begin.

The second of two unique features is the ‘Select and Click’ feature. This feature is actually an added game to allow players to choose the speaker to win free spins or a lucrative payout. When spins are activated, players will receive prizes according to the type of Wild symbol that appears. We hope you have many interesting experiences with this slot game.