Online Blackjack – How to Play it?

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games of all. Learn how to play it easily with our beginner’s guide.


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The Number of Cards Varies

The ace is valued at either eleven or one. The Queen, the King, and Jack or face cards have a value of ten.

The Objective of the Game Is to Beat the Croupier

You must get as close as you can to 21. However, to get the ultimate victory, the croupier must have a lower total than yours or exceed 21.

When you play online, the cards are shuffled automatically and then you place your bets. When the two cards are dealt, your options are displayed on the screen.

If your hand exceeds 21 the game is over, and you lose.


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Before the game begins, the cards are shuffled, and the bets are placed. It starts on the left. Each player is given a card by placing it face-up on the table. The croupier’s card is also placed face up.

The second card is dealt to each player, in the same way, then they can see the cards and the game is started.

The croupier’s second card is known as a hold. It is placed face down and the dealer can only see it if the first card is an ace or is worth ten. If the croupier’s two cards reach 21 it is said to be blackjack and the game is over. The croupier is the last to play.

After all, hands are played, the croupier pays and collects the losing bets. Then the new game begins.

It’s a pretty simple game. You just need a lot of practice to learn how to perfect your strategy and win.