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As a Patreon of Damafro, you will receive exclusive content from us every week. We guarantee exclusive interviews with the best blackjack players in the country. Interviews with the world’s most renowned players of casino games and interviews with the most prestigious casino owners.

You will learn the art of mastering the strategies in every bet. You will understand better and in a very short time everything you need to know to be an excellent blackjack player. You will undoubtedly become part of the most exclusive Damafro community and casino players around the world.

You can also enjoy personalized tutorials. You can send us your questions or doubts and we will clarify them in the best way for you to understand.

We have different rates. Depending on which one you choose, you will receive more content. The higher rates have three personal advice videos per week. You will be able to send us your questions and we will ask them the most important casino players in the country and the world. Knowing what you want to know about them has never been easier.

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