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Francisco D. Hackler has always been passionate about casino games. Since he was young, he used to travel on holidays to the best tourist destinations in the world. He loved to see how free and happy people are when they are on vacation and leave their responsibilities at home.

If everyone could live like that, without worries, the world would be a very different place.

In these places, he became interested in casino games. People betting on their favourite hobbies and being happy about it attracted him. He learned to play blackjack, slot machines, baccarat, and poker. However, the one that got him was blackjack.

After the holidays, he would return to his hometown. He still worked for a small company and in his free time, he specialized in blackjack. He managed to become a pro at this game.

He won several bets and with the money he won, he founded his new website. Damafro is a place for all lovers of casino games and especially blackjack. Here, Francisco shares all his knowledge to master the tricks you need to know.

You can also read articles related to the history of casino games, their evolution through the years, and their techniques. One of the fundamental characteristics of a professional is to know everything about your favourite game.